Change is not what you think it is...

Change is far more that frameworks, artefacts, deliverables, budgets, timelines or sending  emails!

Change is about humans, behaviours, fears, motivations, leadership and emotions… and all of those things are messy and complex. It takes agility, flexibility, intuition and creativity to adapt to these as they influence outcomes.

People First

change is about showing people you value them

People First

Numerous studies on employee engagement suggest that less than a quarter of staff  are actively engaged in their work. This Gallup Poll shows it’s sometimes as little as 13% are engaged. Dale Carnegie shows around 25% can be actively disengaged.

The statistics are scary, yet the show an amazing opportunity. Execution of good quality engagement strategies combined with quality leadership leads to huge workplace benefits… and profits.

It’s those simple, cost-free, words of thanks and praise, that are one of the most powerful things we can do for others, for ourselves and for the organisation. Our approach has this as it’s core DNA. Look after people and they’ll look after you.

Our Style

Our approach to change is about enabling others. In it’s simplest terms, change is about taking people through three stages:

  1. Awareness
  2. Acceptance
  3. Adoption

We take a consultative approach to change and include the right people at the right time. We give them purpose and value their opinion on strategy and direction. We believe control should always be a two-way street.

Our Style

let smart people tell you what to do


make the complex simple

Business Agility

The word agility is a bit of  buzzword these days… and for good reason. Disruption is happening in every part of our lives. Innovative Startups are breaking the mould on business techniques and pace of change.

Customer expectations are rising. Staff entitlements are on the increase. Legal complexities, disruption to industry, tighter budgets… the list goes on. Businesses are facing more challenges than ever before.

So when you try to add systems and technology change, organisational restructures and the like, it can all be a bit much. That’s where we want to help ease the pain. Let us help facilitate and lead the change within your team and organisation, using a common sense and collaborative approach. We don’t try to force you down a prescribed path. We know every change is unique and we adapt accordingly.