Why Change Management?

Kinetic Energy is the energy of motion, the extra energy an object possesses due to it’s motion, the force that keeps an object moving until something get’s in it’s way. It is defined as:

the work needed to accelerate a body of a given mass from rest to its current velocity. Having gained this energy during its acceleration, the body maintains this kinetic energy unless its speed changes.

Negative force of the same or higher magnitude is required to reduce that energy and therefore the object’s velocity. The theory doesn’t just apply in science, but even more so in Change Management, whether it’s an individual, a team or an entire organisation.Travelling at the Speed of Change

The success of your project depends on effective change leadership. Why do we say that? In April 2009, The Standish Group published their CHAOS Report outlining IT project success and failure rates. (See image)

  • 32% were considered “Successful” – On time, on budget, fully functional
  • 44% were “Challenged” – Late, over budget and/or less than fully functional
  • 24% “Failed” – Cancelled or system never used

While Project Management is in place for task and milestone management, the critical components that drive project success are often left behind.

Cultural and Behavioural drivers bring a project back to the human element, going beyond check lists, by motivating what makes an implementation successful… the people behind it!

This is where the Kinetic Energy of a project lies. Change Management is an engagement with all business elements influencing people to move from the existing system through strategic intent to the visionary outcome creating drive to build and continue momentum. If Change Management is lacking or missed, resistance to the changing force becomes stronger and the project fails.

Quality Change considers all aspects of the business, its teams and its individuals. By building on the motivators for each and marrying these together, the kinetic energy of the team continues to build and drive the project forward. Even when potential blockers are encountered, there is enough momentum and velocity to overcome these obstacles and continue on the path to success.

Outside the Cubed considers all the components required for building positive force in change. We differentiate ourselves in speaking the language of all sides: We understand C Level Objectives. We grasp detailed Technical know how. We empathise with the plight and the experience on the End-user. We combine and translate all these needs and perspectives at each step of the process to drive cooperation and a single goal… Success for all.

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